There’s one and there’s more than one…

You ever hear this statement from Mothers who have more than 2 kids? After you ask them how they manage their 4 children, they say “Well, once you have more than one child, it really doesn’t matter anymore. You make it work.” 

I always felt very overwhelmed with my first-born and freaked out right up until the night before my 2nd child was born. Then… she was born, and it was like this beautiful light came into our world and it’s been a wonderful array of joy, bliss & chaos ever since. I LOVE having 2 kids and can’t imagine life without them. We feel very complete as a family of 4… I think. Lately I’ve been questioning having another as it feels like every woman I know is having a baby. That’s so not the case, but that’s how it feels when you have a little question mark hanging over your head wondering how it would feel to add just
one more baby to your family. Even though you know if you wrote out the pros & cons list… the cons would likely win. 

This week, I’m dabbling into the world of 3 children as I help my neighbor & good friend out so she can get some well-deserved time with her sisters in New Mexico. I will have to deal with her soon-to-be-ex this weekend, which I’m honestly more anxious about than having an additional child for 5 days. So far, things are going well. The two 5 year olds have been playing together very well while the 2 year old naps… and Momma can blog. We’ll see how things play out once the 2 yo wants to join in on the fun. 
If anything, these days should provide excellent birth control… on top of the IUD I’m already rockin’. 

I have no doubt I could handle adding another child to our family… I just don’t know if my patience, or beer supply for that matter, would hold out. I’m sure I’ll have more to this story once I go back to being a Momma of 2 on Tuesday. 

Until then… cheers!

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