These are the days… you’ll remember

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sedona!

We celebrated my youngest’s 3rd birthday this weekend. It was bittersweet… I cried as I said goodnight to my 2 year old for the last time the night before, wondering where the last 3 years went?! I feel like we just brought her home from the hospital last week. I still remember vividly nursing her that day, through emotional tears, as my 2 leaking bowling balls were easily twice the size of her tiny little head. I still have a picture of my oldest holding my youngest as a newborn in my wallet… I can’t bring myself to replace it with a more recent picture… they both look so sweet & tiny.

I’m in desperate need of some child freeze. Anyone know where I can get some? My 6 & 3 year olds are so fun right now… I just want to keep them this size for, oh, another couple years? My 3 year old still says things like Wow, dats amazin’ with the cutest little voice. And she’s so grateful for everything she gets Wow! Tank you for da beautifuw books, Momma & Daddy! I wuv dem! (please PLEASE don’t change, sweetheart!) My oldest already questions some heavy topics like death & divorce. How much longer before my youngest starts?

I absorb their cuteness as much as I can these days, and sure, a full day with them can feel beyond exhausting. But the adorable things they do far outweigh the exhaustion right now. I may still need a beer after a long, bad day with an unruly kid or two, but when my girls are good, life is fantastic. I’m embracing every moment I have with them right now. Before I blink and they’re married.

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