Things Pile Up… everywhere.

Try as I might, I can’t keep up with the constant piles that manage to collect over time. If I attack one area, another suffers. I hate the endless papers. I hate the toys… especially the tiny ones. I’ve been getting better at keeping up with recycling the catalogs & magazines. I also have gotten better at either recycling or trashing the toys that won’t be missed.

But I’m no superhero. I can’t make everything disappear. 
When Melissa @Adventuroo posted today’s Capture the Everyday challenge: A Place Where Things Pile Up. It made me wonder… Hmmm… a single place? Which dreadful corner would I expose & capture?! Eh. I’ll just photograph what I can and let the cat out of my cluttered closet. 
You know it, I know it, we all have that space… ok, placeS in our home where things go when we can’t, or don’t feel like dealing with the stuff at that point in time. Life happens. 
So… deep breath… I don’t think I’m Hoarders material, but if I don’t attack some of these half-dozen areas soon, they may be calling. 
The Bedroom.
No big surprise here, clothes are easy to toss aside. Here is a pile of clothes that need alterations. We received a Baby-lock sewing machine for Christmas and since losing 50+lbs in the last year, none of these clothes fit, but I have aspirations to alter these barely worn items in order to save money. Will it ever happen? Who knows. Guess I should actually learn how to use the sewing machine. The hubs knows… it’s just not on the priority list. 
The Kitchen.

Oh yes. 2 photos because there are two areas. And the sad thing? We moved the microwave into this corner to alleviate this issue, but the damn mail is never-ending and nearly impossible to keep up with on a daily basis. Even sadder? This isn’t even a huge pile. Just what’s collected over the last week. The 2nd picture is technically in the dining room… it’s mainly the collection of music we’ve received since joining the choir. Just what we needed: more paper, in big bulky binders.

The Family Room.

Another double set of pictures. The bookshelf is probably one of the most embarrassing places because it’s out there for all to see. Collection of random technical devices, CDs, cases, cords, etc, etc. I’d love to get some sort of cute basket-like-but-not-a-basket-type-of-removable-storage-thingie(s) that would fit these randoms properly and still look nice, but I think I’m dreaming. The other area? Well… that’s obvious. In between the couch & the matching bookshelf lies the dreaded toy pile-up that I believe every family with children under the age of 6 has somewhere. Maybe if you’re insanely organized you can keep up with the toys & the mess the children make. I’m not that person. This area does actually work quite well though. Not easily seen by many. We actually cleaned this corner out about 6 months ago with the idea that the bulk of the toys would remain in the basement. This lasted for about a month. Then the toys started creeping their way back up the stairs. At least they haven’t made their way out in front of the fireplace though. The endless pile of toys remains out of sight, instad of blocking the fireplace. This, my friends, is what I call success. Hey, I take what I can get!

The Basement.

And it must be said that the biggest place of all was too big & ridiculous to capture: the basement storage room. Just… yeah. Been here for 4 years and we still have boxes, which have multiplied with all the baby-stuff I’m currently attempting to sell on craigslist.

And there it is: reality. Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my cluttered life today. Maybe this post will actually inspire me to organize one of these areas today. Maybe… ? Or maybe I’ll just say screw it and play with my kids instead. 

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

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