Thirsty Thursday: A Christmas Cocktail

Cheers to all of you on this Thirsty Thursday, friends!!
What fun would a Christmas party be without a good cocktail, right? 
The hubs & I threw a shindig last weekend to celebrate his company’s success.
Everyone brought a dish to pass and we supplied cocktails, desserts and… alcohol, of course!
Thanks to my favorite little timesucker, Pinterest, I had plenty of ideas collected which inspired me to create a table like this:

I was so excited to utilize some of our crystal stemware we received as wedding gifts that we rarely get a chance to use… and in this case, decorate (thanks to 3 $1 16-packs of mini-ornaments & a little ribbon from Target!)
We even had fancy-schmancy pilsners for beer!
But in addition to beer & wine, I wanted to have one cocktail for everyone as they arrived. My only regret is that I didn’t prepare each glass before everyone arrived. I wasn’t using ice, just frozen cranberries, so I worried about the margaritas getting warm, and I wasn’t sure if everyone would actually want a margarita. I knew we had beer & wine drinkers as well, so I didn’t want to put a green sugar/salt rim on every glass if someone wanted wine instead.
That shouldn’t have been a concern.
Just about everyone was diligent about actually arriving on-time and saw what I was drinking and wanted one. So I scurried to pour each one, grabbing a handful of frozen cranberries clumsily. 

Even though I made a large pitcher, it went fast! And like the dummy I was, I didn’t get extra cranberry juice to make another batch. Silly regrets for an otherwise fun & relaxing party, but, I’m a little freaky like that. Someone mentioned that maybe it was a good thing that the margaritas disappeared fast, so we could move onto the beer & wine (which we did not run out of — yay!) 
Cranberry Margaritas

1 part Tequila 
3 parts Cranberry Juice 
1 fresh squeezed lime for every part of tequila 
Frozen cranberries
Sliced limes
Green sugar
In case you need “parts” explained, consider it a cup, a teaspoon, what have you. For my large batch, I used 8 cups of cranberry juice + about 3 cups of tequila + 3 juiced limes. Festive option: swipe the rim of each glass with a lime and dip it into a small plate of a salt + green sugar mixture. I used quite a bit of salt and just enough green sugar to basically turn the mixture green. You could not taste the sugar — only the salt, which I felt put my Cranberry Margaritas over the top. 
I highly recommend drinking one before your guests arrive… or just enjoy a couple with your favorite person by the fire on Christmas Eve. 
Either way, CHEERS!! 
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