Thirsty Thursday: Mix it up!

A few years back, the hubs & I noticed a page called Beer Concoctions in a local restaurant’s menu. These concoctions include more than the traditional “Black & Tan” (half Bass/half Guinness). After a few stinkers, I discovered The Obliviator. 

This incredibly delicious, chocolately concoction is a pint of New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk with a shot of Van Gogh Espresso Vodka

Doesn’t sound like much, but let me tell ya, you only need one. I usually drink one with my dinner at this restaurant (which will not be noted since the food isn’t nearly as yummy as the incredible beer they serve) and almost always insist on someone else driving me home, because, wow. It packs a PUNCH!! 

A couple weeks ago, the hubs found a bottle of espresso vodka at our favorite party-store we don’t get to frequent as much as we used to when we lived within walking distance. Have I mentioned how much I miss living downtown?? They also had Dragon’s Milk! SCORE! Well, a few days after said purchase, I started feeling ill, and we weren’t able to fully enjoy our home-made Obliviators until a couple of nights ago. 

We. Got. Smashed! I don’t know if we just made them TOO strong or what. But I had one… and I was done. DONE! I had just been to 2 weddings in 2 days, and the buzz I got at the weddings didn’t hold a candle to the feeling I had after one of these concoctions. The hubs & I were both relieved the kids were in bed, and we didn’t have to drive anywhere. I don’t even know how I walked up the stairs to bed. It’s all very fuzzy. The thing about The Obliviator is that the sex we had (twice in one hour… WHAT?! And we’ve been married for over 12 years!) was admittedly lazy and drunk at first, but got increasingly intense and almost turned us into two new people. It was crazy. Was it the espresso? The vodka? the high-gravity beer? I’m assuming the combo. 

Although I don’t know if I’ll be getting Obliviated again anytime soon, the hubs & I had a BLAST having an impromptu party for 2. And the upside: we still have PLENTY of the vodka left for future stay-at-home-parties! Highly recommend. 


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