Thirsty Thursday: Momma Needs a Non-alcoholic Beer

The day that stick turns positive for the very first time, a flood of emotions fill your head. I was quite the daily beer-drinker back then. And I am not too proud to admit that I cried for the loss of those days. I knew everything would change – and it did, more than I could imagine!! But, the first thought that came to my head was “Shit! I can’t drink beer for at least another 9 months?” Thinking back on that moment makes me a little sad. But, what can I say? I loved coming home from work and having a beer or two with the hubs!

Beer didn’t quite taste the same once I became pregnant, and that was my first sign that something was up. But, I still craved beer, at least with my first pregnancy. So, the search was on for the perfect non-alcoholic beer to satisfy that thirst. I had a few n/a recommendations from friends/family who had gone through parties pregnant, needing a little something to get them through, to help them feel like a part of the party, instead of the outcasted pregnant lady.

I started with the most popular n/a beer: O’Doul’s. It was ok, but nothing special. I found Sharps, Beck’s & Labatt Nordic to be disgusting, basically a notch above carbonated piss-water. Even though I was a big fan of the alcoholic version of Labatt Blue, the n/a was not even in the same ballpark. Another alternative is Kaliber, which is made by Guinness, so it is sort of an n/a stout. It was ok, but again, it didn’t knock my socks off. I found O’Doul’s Amber to be the most tolerable, the closest resemblance to actual beer and something I recommend to newly pregnant women who have that need for a few beers.
One thing I want to mention to my pregnant friends, is to beware of the judgmental check-out lady. When I was 32 weeks pregnant with my first child, just lost my job, and still had 2 MORE LOOOONG MONTHS of pregnancy to deal with, I grabbed a 6-pack of O’Doul’s Amber along with the rest of my groceries and the check-out lady stopped, looked at me and said “This better not be for you!” I responded… annoyed: “It’s non-alcoholic.” And she goes “Are you sure? You have to be 21 to drink this. I have to check your ID” I sighed, handed her my ID and she says “I hope your baby survives your choices.” I was shocked that someone SAID that to my face like it was no big deal! I just glared at her, paid my bill and got the hell out of there before I threw that lady down! Look, I get it; drinking while you are pregnant is bad news. But I wasn’t. If the lady would’ve taken 2 seconds read the label to see that it was n/a beer, she would’ve known that. Maybe she couldn’t read because her own mother drank? Oops, did I say that out loud?

Non-alcoholic beer isn’t something I drank daily, like I pretty much did pre-pregnancy#1. But, sometimes, even when you technically can’t drink a beer, but need a beer, n/a serves it’s purpose. And let’s face it, once you have a child, the daily drinking days are behind you anyhow. Unless you have a bad week of course… then it’s logical for survival purposes.

Happy Thirsty Thursday, friends!


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