Thirsty Thursday: Snob-alert!

Happy Thirsty Thursday, friends!

I used to be someone with an open-mind & a tight wallet when it came to drinking. I’d pride myself on getting a deal on a box of chianti, and the only time I’d throw some ‘tude was in the company of someone holding a Corona Light. As crazy as it sounds, Tecate in a can is SOOOOO much better, trust me! 

I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere along this crazy train ride of life, I have turned into a drink-snob. Is it something that happens to us in our 30s? We’ve been around the block a few times and have learned what we do & don’t like? Because, I’d like to think I still have an open mind, but when it comes to what I drink, I’ve become somewhat picky… even spoiled. I don’t even know if my 22 year old self would understand the 33 year old drink snob I’ve turned into. What’s next? Morphing into my mother? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Okay, okay, enough of the insane, horrific thoughts. Let’s try taking a step or 12…

Hello, my name is Kelli, and I am a coffee-snob.
Hello, my name is Kelli, and I am a beer-snob.
Hello, my name is Kelli, and I am a wine-snob.
Hello, my name is Kelli, and I am a tequila snob.
Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father… wait. Wrong program.

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Or is it truly a problem to know what you like and don’t like? I mean, when we get married, we give up seeing other people, right? That doesn’t make us a relationship snob just because we stopped being sluts, right? Right?! Gotta admit, I do know some people who do fall into this category. I refuse to be one of them, and that’s another post completely!

My beer-snobbery definitely came first. As you saw above, I turn my nose up at people who drink Corona Light. Sorry, but if that’s what you’re choosing to drink, I completely judge you to be either a) a girl who usually drinks brightly colored drinks/never drank a good beer in her life, or b) a gay man. And I don’t have any problems with either of these people, just don’t serve me a Corona Light and then claim to be a beer expert. I’d much rather drink water if CL’s my only beer option. There, I said it. Momma would turn down beer. I would also turn down many IPAs as well, just because I’m not a huge fan of very hoppy beers. But, the difference is, if I haven’t tried that particular IPA, I’d likely give it a try. And if I am drinking all night, I will stick with a standard Labbatt Blue Light… try as I might, I can’t drink Dragon’s Milk all night long.

Onto Tequila… I know some of you may have experienced a bad night with tequila at some point in your young life. Have you been able to go back to tequila since? I do have some friends who feel they need to be tequila-free. I personally believe they haven’t had a chance to try a good tequila. Most of our early experiences with tequila is cheap… and definitely harsh on the tummy. I don’t even like Jose Cuervo anymore. Although, I am not above doing a shot of JC with a group of friends if offered. So, I guess I’m not as snobby as I thought. I do prefer Herradura & Patron if given a choice. And if a bartender or good friend recommends another tequila, I do seek it out. Tequila tasting is fun. And if you drink good tequila, the buzz is a very happy one! Just don’t go crazy. One night, I finished a bottle of Herradura with some friends and almost regretted it the next morning. But it was a really fun night.

Oh wine… how I love thee. This time of year especially. It’s so warm & cozy… love it. But unlike my early-20something self, my fridge is not stocked with a box of red liquid I got on clearance anymore. Wait a minute, I kept red wine in the fridge? Shit. I even turn my nose up at Australian wine. However, if you have a good Australian wine you want to share, please do! My snobbery with wine is a little different. First of all, I like to support many of the Michigan wineries. I always look at the Michigan selection of wines first. I’m not a huge white wine fan, but after doing a tasting at Left Foot Charley in Traverse City — who specialize in white wine – I do enjoy Murmur in particular, especially in the summer months. I’m picky about red wine too, partial to the big, bold reds – gee, wonder why – like Zins & Cabs. I also love a nice Pinot Noir… however, like Miles in Sideways, I will not drink Merlot. Ok, ok… you can call me a snob, I can take it.

After all that drinking, I need a little coffee! I have recently fallen madly in love with a French Press and haven’t been the same since. This past October, the hubs & I went to Reserve, a new wine bar downtown, and after 3 glasses of wine, and an incredible glass of Bourbon don’t even get me started on Bourbon! it was only 8p and we definitely needed some coffee. The server told us they only served French Press coffee, is that ok? Sure, why not?! We savored every sip of coffee we drank that night. Sure, we were buzzed up from all the wine, but hot damn, it was the best coffee we ever drank… and, along with the water, it did help the sobering up process! The very next morning, we dragged the girls to World Market and picked up a French Press! I didn’t think it would be something we would use every morning. But we use it every morning!! It doesn’t take much more effort than a regular coffee-pot, and the french press coffee we brew is almost ALWAYS amazing. We’ve saved money/environment on not having to purchase coffee filters, and a few pennies of energy cost to keep a a standard coffee maker plugged in. Not to mention the counter-space! I suppose you could say we’ve also saved money on the coffee-shop coffee too. Because, guess what? Even that coffee isn’t good enough for us anymore. Our French Press RULES!

Look, I honestly don’t think of myself as being a judgmental snob; although I’m sure I’ve been called one behind my back from time to time. I simply believe I know what I like, and I know what I don’t. If you enjoy Corona Light, cheap tequila, boxed wine & watered down coffee — go ahead & savor it if that’s your thing, just don’t force it down my stuck-up throat. To me, life is too short to waste my time & money drinking something I can’t truly savor.


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