Thisty Thursday: Hangover Tips

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!

You’ve picked your party & the perfect outfit; your driver has been reluctantly chosen, or some cab driver’s number is programed on your iPhone. Maybe you’ve even selected your choice of beverage for the evening. Have you prepared for New Year’s Day yet? You know, National Hangover Day? Momma’s here to help you through your first hangover of the year. I’ve survived many the hangover, a couple wicked hangovers where I thought I’d never live to see the other side of the bathroom door. For the most part, these terrible hangover experiences helped teach me how to avoid them.

First of all, what are you doing just sitting there? If you’re going to party tomorrow night, start drinking now! Get thee to thy water source and keep your friendly water-bottle full and at your side. Hydration is rule #1 in keeping the hangover away, my friend.

Next, make sure you are stocked up on some vitamins. If you don’t already take Vitamin B6 or B12 and some form of Vitamin C… hangover prevention would an excellent excuse to get them into your system. Take them over the next few days. It’ll help with the hangover effects. While you’re at the drug-store, pick up some 100% juice (hydration AND vitamins!) as well as some ibuprofen to take the day after, if necessary. If you wanted to try Chaser, I have in the past, and it really did help avoiding the hangover altogether. It’s just not something I think to do before I party very often — oh yeah, let’s go to Walgreens before hitting up the bar! Right.

Before you start your drinking adventure, eat a good, high protein meal, and keep drinking water & eating small portions of food throughout the night when you can. The water will flush the alcohol out of your system faster, and food helps decrease stomach irritation, slowing down the absorption of alcohol, allowing your body more time to break down the toxins.

Main hangover-prevention tactic: avoid mixing alcohol. Pick your poison, and stick with it. Now, I’m not saying you can’t have champagne at midnight to toast the new year, but I highly recommend sticking with that small, single glass of champagne and go back to whatever you were drinking (or stop drinking at that point) unless you want to fight with your head in Hangover City, USA the next day. I saw a girl drink champagne all night once; she was out by 10:30p, and felt like death for the next 24 hours. Not. Worth. It. You know Momma: I like my beer. I will enjoy one cocktail first and possibly a shot at some point, but I stick with beer, and if I’m drinking all night, it’s a very simple, light beer. Repeat it with me: Liquor before Beer: never fear. Beer before Liquor: never sicker. Once you start drinking beer, keep drinking beer & for the love of God, don’t go back to liquor. You will regret it and get a one-way ticket to the aforementioned Hangover City. Another tip — try giving yourself a limit of drinks for the evening, or simply limit yourself to one drink/hour. It will give your body a break, and you will still have fun — but you may actually remember all the fun you had!

Ok, now let’s say you had the greatest night of partying ever, it was so good, you forgot to listen to a few of the above tips. You wake up the next morning feeling terrible. Hangover hangover hangover. Now what?? Personally, I believe the best cure for a hangover is sleep after slowly drinking a very strong & spicy bloody mary (once you’re up for one!). Turns out, sleep & hydration is what doctors recommend most. If you’re having a really difficult time and can’t keep anything down, find some zofran; if you have a liberal doctor, contact them for a prescription… if you have a *really* liberal doctor, herbal remedies work rather well too. Zofran helps prevent or relieve vomiting (I took it throughout my 2nd pregnancy) but it’s not nearly as much fun as an herbal remedy. There, I said it.

Of course, once you’ve had some bad hangovers, like so many life lessons, hangovers are something to learn from. Experience is key. If you’ve had a hangover… listen to your body! Remember what worked and what didn’t. And don’t forget to embrace the moment & have some fun!!! Even if you get that dreaded hangover… find solace on New Year’s Day, even if it’s spent in bed, when’s the last time you spent the day in bed?!


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