I can feel it coming in the air tonight… hold on. 

It’s getting warm… which only means one thing… the school-year is coming to a close.

Some of you are already in 24/7 child-entertainment mode. A rank I will be joining in a matter of days.

While I am growing sick and tired of the morning routine, and my kids are more likely to receive a $0.99 box of generic Lunchables in their lunch box instead of a homemade, healthy array of edibles + a personalized note… they are just as lucky to walk out the door with their hair french-braided. Or brushed, for that matter.

But… to school they go, where they stay for hours, happily entertained, possibly learning something, surrounded by friends, in a safe environment.

A “luxury” that is tick-tocking away from me by the second.

Of course, there hasn’t been a week go by this month without something requesting parental participation at school — to me, this means that the teachers are ready to throw the children back at us for the summer. I get it. I really do. I don’t know how teachers do it, especially ones with children of their own.

But summer… scares me a bit. First of all — my kids do not sleep in. They are up at the butt-crack of dawn, expecting me to put on a top hat and tap shoes and entertain them all.damn.day. By the time the hubs rolls home at 6p, I will be a drunken zombie.

I’m a planner, and I’d love to say that I have my whole summer planned. Days filled with activities to keep all of us sane. But… I have one solitary camping trip scheduled. And… that’s it.

I’ve been so busy juggling my own array of activities — remember that Beer City Thank You Tour I mentioned a few weeks ago? That was fun, but it wasn’t something I just waved a magic wand over — it required a lot of work. I loved it though. Fun trumps sweat and tears. Always. So, I am continuing to do all I can to support the Grand Rapids brewers I adore, networking and squeezing in lunch-meetings while I can actually enjoy an uninterrupted conversation over more than one beer without getting the stink-eye…. from my kids who I will have to tote along with me until the end of August. 

I have been scheduling lunches with my friends and beer-loving counterparts, but I’m hearing from more friends daily who also want to meet up for a coffee or something, because they hear that clock ticking away too… As a stay and/or work-from-home-parent, we all feel the same way — SHIIIIIIIIT“my time” is ticking away. 

And then this other voice inside of me… is an even scarier voice.

I have friends with children graduating from high school. EEEEK! In 9 years, I will also be dealing with that reality. In less time than that… my 9 year old won’t want to spend her summers with me. And even though I am a freelancer with the “luxury” of working from home, that may not be my reality next year. I may have to find a steadier flow of income once the school year picks back up in the fall.

So… Could this be it?

Could this be my last free summer with my girls?

They may be a whiney ball of needs at times… but they are still adorable and I have yet to meet two better huggers or snugglers in this world. So, even if our summers are spent in our backyard sprinkler, or watching way too many movies cuddled up on the couch… I’m going to suck it up and take it. I know I’ll have days where I will want to throw a massive tantrum because I will miss such luxuries as pooping alone, but, that’s… Motherhood.

In 9 years, I’ll be crying for a different reason. My baby will be going to college.

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