‘Tis the Season to feel…

… overwhelmed
… bitchy
… behind on laundry
… behind on dishes 
… behind on shopping
… behind on decorating
… forgetful
… exhausted
… used
… broke
… like hitting the hubs with a frying pan
… trapped in your own home
… the urge to take a long vacation, alone
… medicated
… like going to bed at 9pm
… wasted
… really wasted
… sick
… like you should come with a warning label
… that using Santa to get your kids to behave is genius
… comfort in a recliner, wrapped in a cozy blanket.

Ok, so I got hit with the holiday stress over the last week. 
My stupid laptop decided to give me extra problems today too — 
Cyber Monday of all days. Yup. So, my personal favorite, for today anyway, is: 
Tis the Season to feel like chucking your laptop out the window
I’d love to hear some of your favorites… I could use a good laugh. 

Maybe I’ll write a positive ‘Tis the Season post tomorrow, 
if I don’t chuck my laptop out the window by then. 
You do know how much I need a beer today, right? 
Cheers, friends.

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