Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Reasons Why 2 is Better Than 1.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve lost a little stride. So, despite the fact that I enjoy dancing to the beat of my own bass, I’m taking advantage of a few themes some bloggers use to get back on track. There’s Music Monday, Things I love Thursday (not as fun as Thirsty Thursday, so no worries, that once/month gem isn’t going anywhere!), Works for me Wednesday, etc. Today is Top Ten Tuesday.
But before I dive in & piss off Mommas who have only children, full disclosure: I understand there are many reasons to only have one child. I really, truly do. I was scared to death just before my 2nd baby was born. I didn’t think I could handle it emotionally, physically, mentally or financially. Then my little Sedona was born and she brought more joy to our lives than I ever thought possible. Was it overwhelming going from 1 to 2? Sure. But, I have many friends who have more than 2 kids and I honestly don’t know how the heck they do it. But, that’s another blogpost, isn’t it?

Cue Drum-roll… 
Top 10 Reasons Why Having 2 Kids is Better than 1 (for me!)

10. You know what to expect… and don’t need to read the books again! Even though I was overwhelmed by the thought of not only going through all the baby-stuff again, but with a 3 yr old to take care of at the same time, it did feel good realizing how much I had learned from the big & little mistakes I made with my first. That panic & constant worry I had the first time around was gone (for the most part) and I could trust my instincts & focus on my kids instead.

9. You appreciate every moment… Remember when you had your first child and you played the can’t waits game? You know “I can’t wait for her to crawl! I can’t wait for her to walk! I can’t wait for her to talk! I can’t wait for this teething stage to be over with already! ETC!” That stopped for me almost immediately after I gave birth to baby #2. Having 2 kids really taught me to take in every day, because it really is a gift. Seeing how fast my oldest is growing up is a definite reality check: life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

8. Every day is a new adventure… This could be positive or negative, really. When I wake up in the morning, we start the day with our usual routine, but just about anything can happen with 2 little ones. And ya know what? That’s ok, as long as you go with the flow instead of letting whatever has thrown off the day get to you. That’s life. And yet, another lesson the whole family of 4 learns together.

7. That 2:2 ratio is pretty genius… You know that teamwork you got down to a science at some point with your first-born? Ok, maybe it never took, but by the time your 2nd child comes around, teamwork is taken to a new level, but you no longer fight over who has the best method for getting the baby to sleep for example. You’ve learned! You know who is best at what, and with which child. It feels very balanced in our household.

6. Socially, they are learning more from each other than they likely ever will from me… They could fight with each other daily, but they are growing up together and learning how to deal with a range of modest to significant social skills that will affect many other relationships as they grow up. I can only teach them so much, but they do need to see me as an authority figure. Whereas, siblings = primary peers.

5. They entertain each other… Whether it’s in the backyard, the playroom, or just chasing each other throughout the house, they make each other laugh, are adorable snuggling together in a blanket-tent or watching a show and take a little bit of a load off of me by doing what they do naturally: play.

4. They look out for each other… Empathy isn’t an easy concept to teach when you only have one child. But with two, I swear, no matter which sibling gets hurt, the other matures instantly & does whatever she can to help. It seems so natural for them to reach out to each other when they’re in need.

3. They encourage eachother… the support & encouragement my kids give each other to experience the world around them is huge. The way they see animals, the moon, stars, art, music, etc. amazes me. I’ve even seen one get the other to try a new food.

2. They are each unique… I don’t know how true it is in other familes, but our daughters are very different. I love that. The challenges I have with one I don’t seem to have with the other. Could also have something to do with #10, but I do appreciate each of their strengths and love how their diverse qualities compliment each other.

1. The sweet & raw love they share makes my heart melt many times daily… My daughters’ love for each other is such a gift for me to watch flourish from day-to-day. It is absolutely one of my favorite aspects of life right now.

Special shout-out to Oh Amanda! Who hosts a Top Ten Tuesday every Tuesday on her blog.

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