Unsubscribe + Delete = Liberation.

Confession: I am terrible at keeping up with my inbox.


As in, this morning, I had 14,000 emails… 8,000 unread.

Whether they were filed, labeled, spam or whathaveyou, this is what happens when gmail allows you to have unlimited storage: complete chaos!

Today, the hubs & I met with a counselor about our debt. It was eye-opening, exhausting and heart-wrenching.
The thing is, I feel like we will actually do something about it this time. We’re focused and determined to make things work. It won’t be easy, but getting help is a huge step in a positive direction.

But when I came home & looked at the thousands of unread emails in my inbox, my anxiety sunk in again. I knew that simplification had to start somewhere. If we wanted to delete our debt, I needed to start deleting some email.

So I started searching & deleting many “shops” that send me their latest “deals” most of these emails I rarely even read, let alone shop at. Once I got off on deleting hundreds of messages at a time, I decided that I should actually click into that Kohl’s email and hit unsubscribe. Costco? How the hell did I get on that list? I’m not even a member there. Unsubscribe. Pottery Barn Kids? Uh, yeah, like we’ve ever afforded any of that shit! Unsubscribe. Victoria’s Secret too… if we’re going to follow through & pinch pennies, I definitely don’t need anything from VS either. Unsubscribe. Oprah? Sorry girl, I love ya, but weekly emails I rarely read? Unsubscribe.

You get the idea.

It was a trend that trickled down to my personal emails and is still a work-in-progress. So far, I’m loving the liberated feeling having cut my inbox in half — yes — 6,000+ emails have been deleted in just an hour’s time. Yup. I’m hoping to get down to an even more reasonable number soon.

I suppose I can add the word “Simplify” to my words of the day as well. Because I’m really enjoying this feeling of liberation. You should try it too.

What’s the scary number of emails in your inbox? Or do you have tips for helping me keep my inbox number down?

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