VlogMom: Favorite Teacher

It is back-to-school time! 
This week’s VlogMom prompt comes from Joyce Brewer from Mommy Talk Show
Let’s be honest here, I got a little choked up talking about my favorite teacher. 
Mrs Hughes was such a positive influence in my life. 
She is the reason I am the person I am today. 
She not only taught me how to use my voice properly, 
but how to laugh at myself,
how to find the humor even through craptastic moments, 
the importance of leadership, and so much more. 
In the select ensemble my senior year, 
she partnered me up with another Kelli so we could be folder partners. 
We clicked instantly & are still super close today. 
I am grateful for my years in Mrs Hughes’ classroom.
Who was your favorite teacher? Comment below or on my YouTube channel! 
Please bare with the poor quality… hoping to look a little less washed out on the next vlog. Challenge of my week has been sending one child back to school without the other. So, I’ve been a 4-year old’s full-time playmate all week. Next week — both kids will be in school all 5 days. WOOHOO!

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