Wait, it’s November already??

Well, I asked to be woken up when September ended, and Rocktober lived up to it’s name, that’s for sure. I just can’t believe it’s over already. It’s been a whirlwind, but a month I’m not likely to forget. I’m still aglow with happiness over this busy, but fun month because I got to spend it with many people I love and don’t get to see very often. I feel like we had a very good balance of adult-only & family-friendly time this month. I even managed to get my house cleaned before we went away this past weekend. Don’t know how the hell that all happened, but for some reason, I tend to work well under pressure. Go figure. I only melted down 3 times! Not bad, considering everything I organized and made happen. 

This October, I:
  • Attended 2 weddings, 2 days apart in 2 different states
  • Watched my daughters turn into flower-girls and walk down the aisle together
  • Wrote & delivered a MOH speech (scary — I’m not a very good public speaker!) 
  • Drove across mid-Michigan, shore-to-shore four times.
  • Flew in 2 planes
  • Danced my heart out
  • Sang solo in front of a large, sober group of people (i.e. not karaoke)
  • Enjoyed time with the hubs (without children!) in a different city/state for 48 hrs
  • Attended 5 parties (4 of which without children!) 
  • Enjoyed a girls’ night
  • Went to our local Art Museum and experienced an incredible work of art created by someone the hubs went to elementary school with… then watched him win $250,000 the next night! 
  • Tried out a new wine bar (and LOVED it!)
  • Learned a new drinking game (well, new to me) 
  • Went to church 5 times (this is a record since we’ve been MARRIED)
  • Slept in 5 different beds
  • Watched my oldest get 2 shots at once without tears… then realized we’d be discussing different kinds of shots for her in 15 years. 15 years?!!
  • Participated in a school fund-raiser
  • Put together a large care-package with my oldest for a family in Haiti 
  • Held a newborn baby
  • Bought a new blazer in a size I haven’t worn since I got married, over 12 yrs ago! 
  • Carved… oranges! 
  • Fell in love with French Pressed coffee
  • Purchased & learned how to use a French Press
  • Unknowingly drove past a tornado
  • Dressed my daughters up as Alice in Wonderland & Super-girl
  • Spent some face-time with both of our living Grandparents (my Grandmothers), all 3 of our living parents, all 3 of my sisters, 2 of the hubs’ brothers and their wives, 3 nephews, 2 nieces, 5 cousins, an Aunt & Uncle and more friends over the course of 31 days than we’ve seen in the last 2 years combined… easily.
  • Snapped about 700 pictures… and yet, didn’t capture many of the moments I just mentioned! But here are a few highlights. 
My adorable flower-girls
My sister’s wedding
Celebrating with the bride at wedding #2… who I babysat once upon a time.
CHEERS! Atlanta wedding fun

Face painting at our school’s Irish Night Fundraiser

Getting my baby-fix. He was SO sweet!

Halloween Party snack, Jack-o-Lantern Fruit Cups
Alice & Super-girl

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