Wake me up when September ends…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I LOVE fall! Every single thing about it. The weather that forces you into cozy sweaters, hats & jean-jackets, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, apples, hay-rides, bonfires, FOOTBALL, etc. We kicked off the first official day of fall this year at a swanky ArtPrize opening VIP party in downtown Grand Rapids. I really do love this amazing town I live in. And, last week, my love was validated at an incredible party where I felt I was living in that old-school

Sesame Street

song “one of these things is not like the other…” if you are from my generation, ya gotta know what I’m talking about, right? My husband’s company, Atomic Object, developed the ArtPrize app for the iPhone, so they received tickets to the VIP events during the biggest juried art competition in the world. 

The VIP party was everything you’d imagine it to be. I felt like we were in a movie or on Entourage or something. All the wine, liquor & champagne we could drink (only had Stella Artois for beer though, what the what?!) fancy-shmancy apps delivered on trays, a jazz trio; every important person in the community attended. And the hubs & I. It took place on the 17th floor of the Bridgewater Place building overlooking the Grand River, where there were floor to ceiling windows, marble floors, and 2 huge balconies that likely accommodated 200 people each. It made me giddy and forget all about the amount of alcohol I was ingesting. I probably talked & laughed too much… but I couldn’t help it. Unimportant people like us don’t get opportunities to rub elbows with the DeVos family and all their high-class pals!

As the sun set, the city sparkled and candles & twinkle lights lit up the event, the partier within me came out with a bang and we stayed until, that’s right, Momma needed a BEER. Screw the freebies at this point, I was feeling groovy & had to have eaten enough lamb, tenderloin, mini-monte cristos & crab-cakes to keep the party going strong, right? So the hubs & I headed to Founders. Of course! J Put a little Breakfast Stout on the buzz I was already enjoying. Once we finished a round there, we headed to another favorite bar, Mulligan’s, just for a night-cap: a round of stews! If you don’t know what a Mulligan Stew is… well, it’s a shot with baileys, wild turkey & 151 that you light on fire & consume. They are YUMMY and fun… but not something you should really put on top of however many drinks I consumed that evening. But, I figured, what the hell?! If we’re gonna party, let’s PARTY. We both did the shots and got a couple waters. Then headed home to relieve the sitter before we turned into pumpkins at 11pm. Thank goodness she’s awesome and non-judgemental because I was trashed. Went right to bed, took a zofran, just in case.

When I woke up at to get my daughter ready for school… I hurt. Oh did I HURT! Haven’t had a hangover in awhile, so this was extra sucky. As the day wore on, my throat started to sting, and I wondered… hmmm. Is this really a hangover? Or did my hangover spark some bug that’s been waiting for that window of opportunity to attack? By the end of the day, I was fighting a fever and the hubs made arrangements to work from home Friday. He had dealt with a similar cold/flu a few weeks earlier, as did both of my children. I slept most of the day Friday… and the concern that the mono was coming back to haunt me gave me anxiety.

I spent most of the weekend coughing and sleeping… fighting chills & sweats. It pissed me off. You see, on Thursday, we head to the other side of the state for my sister’s wedding, where I am the Matron of Honor and my girls are both flower-girls. PLUS, since my sister just announced her wedding about 6 weeks ago, we already had plans to fly out to Atlanta for another wedding for a good friend of the family that’s happening on Sunday… instead of doing the potentially smart thing and canceling the plans to Atlanta, we decided, what the hell, we’ve already made arrangements for the kids, the flights & hotel were cheap, and we could use a fun kid-free weekend escape. Think I had a few things to do other than being sick this weekend? Yeah.

I am really looking forward to this coming wedding weekend insanity… but can I please just cut to October 1st so I can avoid the inevitable meltdown(s) I know are coming? I have so much to do, and I’m still sick. Gross. So bare with me if my posts are slim to none over the next week or so… I’m just moderately overwhelmed. And, wish me & the hubs luck so we can work together through this mess of to-dos instead of killing each other before September ends. I will enjoy October… I will enjoy October, I will I will I WILL, damn it! 

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    Feel better soon!

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