Week In My Life: Friday

Welcome to my Friday!! 

It’s been one crazy week in our life… and I was looking forward to a sitter coming over in the early evening so the hubs & I could have a little adult time for his quarterly meeting & dinner. 
But first… I had a few things to get done. 
In the morning, after we sent Natalie & the hubs off to school & work, I set Sedona up with a couple shows while I worked on yesterday’s post. Ideally, I know, we’re “supposed” do get them done that same night… but I just don’t operate like that. My brain shuts down once the kids go to bed. Momma needs a beer, remember? So all week, I’ve been scrambling to get my photos & stories in order in the morning. It’s probably less frustrating… other than trying to juggle a 4yo while I do it. 
It was a chilly morning compared to the Indian Summer day we had on Thursday. Thankfully, Sedona loves the chilly air and had no problem putting on a winter coat. Yes, shorts & tee-shirts on Thursday… winter coats on Friday. Welcome to Autumn in Michigan.
Sedona wanted to listen to music on the way, so I just threw my iPod on random… and the first song that came up was Fiona’s Better Version of Me. Yup. I really felt that Friday featured a better version of me. Well-rested, happier, more tolerant, no yelling… ahhh. 
After I dropped off Sedona for afternoon preschool, I headed home to practice the sucky Psalm I’m singing for 5pm Mass on Saturday, then frantically created the illusion of clean before hopping into the shower before the sitter arrived so we could leave for the work meeting/dinner. 
Thankfully, the hubs offered to pick up the girls from school, which bought me an extra hour. PHEW. So I not only picked up the house, but looked at the fish bowl and decided to clean that too. It was pretty gross. But now Jake was a happy fish and Midnight & Sasquatch were two happy snails.
Just as I was getting out of the shower, I got a text from an old friend who said she loved reading all of my posts this week and felt like she hung out with me. Awww… as I was fumbling through what jewelry to wear, I snagged a pair of earrings that friend made for me last year… aren’t they awesome? 
Greg arrived home with the girls, and Sedona wanted to look for worms in the backyard. Have I mentioned how much I adore this kid? 
About a half-hour after the kids arrived home (not a lot of Natalie time on Friday) our awesome sitter arrived, and the hubs & I practically shot flames out of our legs as we ran out the door. Freedom
However — Greg discovered that the meeting actually didn’t start until 5p, so once we arrived in the neck of the woods of work a half hour early, we hit up The Store… twice in one week… this NEVER happens!! A few minutes after we arrived, a handful of his coworkers showed up with a little Johnny Walker… oh boy.

So this was how the night was going to go… 

I was going to snap more pictures than just the meeting… I had planned to… but once we survived the meeting and headed to the open-bar dinner… let’s just say the conversations were rolling, the beer was flowing… and my camera was not. 
This is ok, though. 
The hubs & I had a blast, and even though dinner went a little longer than planned, we hit up one more bar (that was decorated with some awesome pumpkins, like the owl one below) with a couple co-workers/friends before heading home at 11pm so our sitter could go out. Yes. Remember those days? 
For some reason, even after all the pasta we ate at dinner, the hubs was still hungry, so he went to work making some late-night grub. We laughed our asses off at Parks & Rec, rewound the “Fart Attack” 4 times — we were laughing so hard we were crying. Did anyone else watch that genius episode?! 
And the rest of the night… is… well… a little fuzzy. 
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  1. Posted October 27, 2012 at 12:34 pm | Permalink

    My girls dig for worms all the time, then try to bring them in the house.

  2. Posted October 28, 2012 at 11:31 pm | Permalink

    Um, I like the sound of Greg’s meetings! Adults-only nights are SO important. Glad you got one this week!

    • Posted October 29, 2012 at 9:55 am | Permalink

      Yes, quarterly dinners… and monthly “free-beer-fridays!” Atomic Object is a great place to work generally speaking, but those bonus days are nice. And yes, it is an excellent excuse to get a sitter, especially when we only had to pay for the sitter (and the pre- & post- dinner drinks!)

  3. Posted November 5, 2012 at 10:03 am | Permalink

    Love the car shots this week. And, it is absolutely adorable that Sedona likes to dig for worms. Also, I don’t think I ever knew your fish/snail names. Love ’em. Sorry this is so late. Company in town and a hurricane threw me off my game.

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