Week In My Life: Monday

Welcome to a Week In My Life!!
Thanks to Mel at Adventuroo, I am diving into this challenge again this year. 
Last year, I enjoyed documenting the daily life of my family as well. Check out last year’s Monday Week In My Life post here. I’ll try to do some fancy-pants side-by-side pictures at some point this week. 
But, for the sake of time & energy, no fancy editing today, because Mondays are nutty around here. 
Natalie & Greg head off to work & school around 7:40am. 
Then it’s just Sedona & me until I take her to school on my way to work. 
My work has some confidentiality issues, so I can’t show you much about my day there, and my day does go until 8pm. It’s a looooong day, but it’s all good. I’ll showcase our bedtime routine later this week. 
Here’s a look at a good portion of our Monday… and the morning routine may not be featured the rest of the week, since it is essentially the same routine daily.
Natalie wakes up, gets her uniform on and walks into our bedroom about 1 minute (no lie) before my 6:30am alarm goes off, fully dressed, ready for breakfast and tv before school. Right now, she’s really into PBS Kids (thankfully) and enjoys Wild Kratts & Arthur before she brushes her teeth & hair and heads off to school. 
This particular Monday, Sedona woke up with Natalie. 
Sedona isn’t as routine oriented as her sister, and wakes up whenever she wakes up. 
This is how I wake up… minus the banana I devoured to fast to photograph.
Natalie’s ready for school… now, where is Daddy? 
The hubs usually snuggles with the girls until the very last second, frantically hops into the shower and races down the stairs just in time to hear Natalie complaining about being late. True story.
Once we kiss Natalie & the hubs goodbye, Sedona & I spend some quality snuggle-time together… 
Then I finished editing yesterday’s blogpost until I realized I had to shower … so I tuck Sedona into my bed with a snack & her favorite show (right now, that would be Doc McStuffins on Disney) and hop into the shower. I could wake up at 6am and shower and then have more time to do other things… but, I cherish that extra 30 minutes of sleep, especially on nutty-Mondays!
Are you ready for the just out of the shower – no makeup Momma? 
Here it is… EEK! Hide your children! 
Sedona does not sit still for long & decided to go through my jewelry while I was showering and found my Granni’s elephant necklace. She thought it made for a nice beard. 
Sedona & I eat lunch around 11am, then we’re off to school & work!
We’re having a bit of an Indian Summer this week: 70 degrees yesterday! 
So we opened the moonroof in my truck… ahhhh. 
Here’s Sedona dancing to The Black Keys.
How lucky am I that I am greeted by this lovely tree when I pull into my work parking lot?
Here’s my desk… 
And my view… 
And my good friend Chip, who visits me every Monday & Thursday!
Then I was sent out to run a few errands… and, since I’m not in my truck alone very often, I was in the mood to sing — Adele mix FTW!
And oops… while I was out running errands, I was right by the hubs’ work, so we met at “The Store” aka The Meanwhile for a couple quick Crooked Tree IPAs. Quick, as in, 15 minutes… then the hubs went back to work for a conference-call before he had to pick up the kids from After-school care.
Then, chaos ensued the remainder of the day… once we got the kids into bed, the hubs worked (until 2am!!!) and I flipped between the final Presidential Debate (can we vote yet?!) and the Lions craptastic Monday Night Football game. I should’ve caught up with Breaking Bad. 
All for now… more tomorrow!

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