Week In My Life: Saturday/Sunday

Welcome to my weekend!! 
Today is my last day linking up with Mel @ Adventuroo. Hasn’t it been a fantastic project? 
Mel is a rock-star for hosting.
Instead of doing separate Saturday & Sunday posts, I decided to combine them into one, solitary post. Sure, maybe it’s the lazy way out… but we were so busy Sunday, I didn’t need one more thing on my to-do list. And you weren’t going to read yesterday’s post until now anyway, right? 

Saturday started a little late for this chic. If you recall, on Friday, the hubs & I went out to a work meeting, followed by an open-bar dinner. I was hurting a bit Saturday morning. I was grateful the hubs let me sleep in, and the kids were relatively entertained, so I could veg out and watch Roseanne while I sipped my coffee and worked on Friday’s post. I wasn’t super hungover… just… really tired… hurting, and definitely not up for drinking… or making lunch. 
Since Natalie had a birthday party & I had to sing at 5p Mass… we had some things to do, so we decided to go somewhere “easy” for lunch, and near a Target since we hadn’t purchased a birthday gift for Natalie’s friend yet. 
Sedona wasn’t super happy about going to Bob Evans… she wanted to go to Founders. Here’s her “I want to go to Founders face” I don’t blame her… but the last thing Momma needed Saturday morning… was a beer. Sad, but true. 
On the way to lunch, we noticed that gas was really cheap at one station, but way more $$ at the next. So we turned around to get gas for $3.19. WIN. It went up an hour later.
Lunch went surprisingly well… no real fights to break up, both kids ate their meals, and the hubs & I enjoyed a hearty pot-pie to coat the tummies we abused the night before. I started feeling better after a good meal.
After lunch, we hit up Target, the hubs dropped Sedona & I off at home so I could get ready for church, and he could drop off Natalie at her birthday party. 
I was starting to feel better… but, I really didn’t want to sing at church. 
Especially the song I was soloing on. 
This is how I felt about it…
As I walked into church, two high school instrumentalists were playing Rolling in the Deep… so, I of course, sang along. Still not sure how the girls felt about someone twice (!!) their age singing along, but OH WELL. It was fun. 
I snuck a snapshot of my view from where I sing before the church fills up with people. 
I botched the solo… but managed to keep up. The tempo was much faster than I practiced, and my nerves got to me. The usual Sunday choir was there (instead of our pitiful once/month Saturday choir, where we’re lucky to get 6 people singing) and I learned, about 15 minutes before Mass began, that I was sitting next to the former President of Opera Grand Rapids. No pressure or anything.
Once I ran out of church with my tail between my legs, I headed home to watch the rest of the Michigan State Football game… and we won!! WOO-HOO! I can’t believe I haven’t posted a video all week. So, here’s my girls singing the fight song. 
We whipped together a good dinner for our girls and then Natalie shaved the hubs… thought this was a sweet moment to capture… 
Onto Sunday… SUNDAY!
We were busy all weekend. 
The bulk of Sunday morning was spent making Natalie’s wolf costume. We have a sewing machine, but I wanted to keep it simple. So… most of her costume is put together with duct-tape & staples. Hey, she loves it. All that matters!

Here she is, howling like a wolf… 

The next task of the day? 
Yup, I’ve been ignoring them for at least a week or so… and with the potential for snow this week, we had to deal with them. I love LOVE our wooded neighborhood. I hate living on a corner lot.
But, we managed to capture a few memorable snapshots. Can’t beat these…
In between raking, raking, raking, the hubs & I took turns watching the Lions pull off a WIN! Just when we were about to give up on football season, this weekend provided our teams with two wins… love that. 
The hubs made me quit after almost 2 hours of heavy yard-work, which was nice, because I’m not hurting as bad as I thought I would this morning. But… we ran out of yard-waste bags and still have a lot of leaves to tackle. So our piles will have to wait… 
Did you enjoy being a fly on the wall in my life this week? I hope so. I’ll try to capture a few highlights in a recap post tomorrow. 

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