Week In My Life: Thursday

Welcome to my Thursday! 

I woke up extremely exhausted and had to fight off a migraine for a good portion of the morning, and the beginning of the afternoon. Stupid migraines. Yesterday, the trigger was obvious: lack of sleep. The hubs came to bed late (2:30am… ugh) and it’s really hard for me to get back to sleep once I am awoken. 
I was cranky with a capital CRANK.
Both of my kids seemed to hit a few triggers by not listening to me about getting ready or some other random bullshit. I’m pretty sure I yelled at all three of my family members… it was not my finest hour. 
Once I got through my yelling, Sedona & I had to run a couple errands… 
I hit the the chiropractor to try to rid my head of the migraine. It didn’t help… in fact, it made it worse. Figures. So… we hit up the spa. No, not *that* spa unfortunately… the Auto Spa. We don’t go often, but it makes Sedona happy… thankfully, she’s gotten past the “I’m too scared for the car-wash, I’m going to throw a fit the entire time” phase. Now she thinks the car-wash is pretty cool. 
Sedona & I came home, got lunch and ourselves ready for work & school, I took a handful of meds to calm down my head, and between that an eating a good lunch + green tea to combat the knock-out my meds can cause; my migraine finally turned a positive corner.
But… that didn’t mean the guilt was gone. I felt so awful about yelling at my family, after I dropped off Sedona at school I completely broke down. Yup. But, I needed to get out a good cry before walking into work, so I was glad I got it out then instead of in the middle of the work-day.  
I work at a non-profit medical facility on Mondays & Thursdays… full days to equal 16 hours/week… it is perfect for me right now. I usually have a bit to catch up on for the first half of the day, the rest of the day, I prepare the office for the days I’ll be gone. The lady I work with can hold her own on the computer, but she has so many other plates in the air, I handle the bulk of the computer work. 
It was a beautiful Indian-Summer day yesterday, so my boss kicked me out for an early break so I could enjoy the sunshine & warm temps before reality set in… my red tree probably won’t be red when I go back to work on Monday. But, this is late-October in Michigan. It’s not supposed to be nearly 80 & humid. In spite of the heat, I still craved some soup… this bowl of tomato basil bisque was INCREDIBLE. They said it was vegan… but I swear I tasted a hint of bacon. I need to make a batch soon. 

My day at work was a good one. I felt like I got a bit done, and that always feels good. Especially without a migraine. I headed home a little after 8p, and when I arrived, the hubs & the kids had decorated the kitchen in a haunted way and made spooky sounds when I walked into the door. Too funny. 
But it was already late, so we headed upstairs for family snuggles… and Sedona immediately wanted to fly. Sedona: “Super Sedona!! On your feet!!” It’s too adorable to say no to. Especially when this is my view… how lucky am I to have such a hilarious 4yo?! 
The kids were relatively happy & easy to put to bed… for a change. But the hubs & I were pooped. He still had to work, I just wanted to veg out and watch some Thursday night TV. Anyone else’s DVRs about to implode with the amount of television you want to record? Seriously… spread that shit out! I started with Up All Night… which, I do enjoy (mainly because Christina Applegate & Maya Rudolf crack me up) but most episodes are hit or miss. I followed that up by the mediocre Two & a Half Men… gotta say, I was happy to see Rose reappear. Definitely adds a bit of spice that show needed. 
Once the hubs finished working (he promised to shut down at 10pm) we decided on Grey’s Anatomy instead of Parks & Rec & 30 Rock. We’ll catch up on both soon though. I know Grey’s can be a little soapy, but I don’t care. I love that shit. And the hubs won’t admit it… but so does he, dammit. I laugh, cry, feel shocked and slightly disturbed at times. There aren’t many shows can make me feel so many emotions over the course of one hour. Then corn-rowed, spray-tanned Conan was on… which I proceeded to pass out to until 11:45p. I headed up to bed, and the hubs… where the eff was the hubs??? He was working… again. I yelled at him (man, I have issues) and he finally came up around 12:15am. 
Whew!! The one thing I wanted to do that I didn’t get done: reading & commenting on many of the other incredible Week In My Life posts yesterday. I’ll try to catch up, really! I love hearing your stories! 
Have you linked up with Mel at Adventuroo yet? It’s not too late. Showcase your weekend! 
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