Week In My Life: Tuesday

Day two of Adventuroo’s Week In My Life series! 
Today, I got all fancy and created a few collages. 
Aren’t you excited?! 
First collage features a few highlights of our morning… 
Natalie finishing up her birthday card to Grampa (he turns 60 tomorrow!) Natalie takes her time with every detail when she draws… she amazes me. Her card to Grampa took her over an hour to create though — we had to stop her to get ready for bed the night before, so she had to finish it up before school. I don’t think she was actually completely done, but she had to go to school, and I had to get it in the mail! 
Once Natalie & the hubs were off to school, I had a quick 5 minutes to myself to try to get yesterday’s post started… then Sedona woke up… wet. The girl has been potty-trained for a year & a half and *never* wets the bed. Never! So I was a little shocked about that. Her bedding needed a good washing, so it’s all good.
The other two pictures in this collage feature Sedona — my little comedian — making faces for the camera. This girl? Not camera shy. She doesn’t mind getting her hair-brushed… but… had to “pretend” she hated it for the sake of the picture. 
After our morning, we were off to school!
I managed to sneak in a photo of Sedona in action with her BFF, Molly.
For the last week, when Sedona walks into her classroom, this is her first stop: pounding golf-tees into pumpkins. How creatively simple is that?! I love our preschool teacher!!
Then, I had a little time to myself. Kinda. Running errands, cleaning up around the house, trying to comment on all of the awesome Week In My Life posts… ya know, boring stuff like that. 
Before I know it, I have to head back to school to pick the girls up.
I stop by the post-office to get my dad’s birthday card in the mail… then sit in the school car-line. I arrive 20-30 minutes early on average… and I’m never EVER the first car in line. Today, I was about 12 cars back. Yup. It’s crazy. What do I do with my time in the carline? Well… 
Listen to good music… and kick-ass on a few iPhone games! FYI, I may be kicking my friend Chris’s ass on WWF, but I RARELY beat him at SongPop. He’s too good.

The kids & I stop by Field’s Fabric for a few last-minute pieces for Natalie’s wolf costume (sorry, we were in & out of there so fast, I didn’t take pictures… doh!)
Then we headed home… the girls chilled out in front of the TV together while I, again, attempted to read & comment on some more Week In My Life posts. I read them all… didn’t get to comment on every one though. Sorry friends!
Before I knew it, I had to get dinner ready. Crescent-roll dough pizza anyone?
Sedona is my little helper… she wanted to help with every step! But, Sedona refused to try a bite of the pizza. She did eat the red peppers plain though, so I call that a win. Natalie ate the pizza, but didn’t want red peppers on her piece. We forced her to eat a plain red pepper like the evil parents we are. Oh what fun dinnertime can be. See my beer? Oh yes. Necessary. 
Finally — the hubs helps out with dishes. I love that. I make the dinner, he does the dishes, usually while I fold a batch of laundry upstairs and watch E! News
As you’ll see below… in my “evening” collage, Sedona enjoys helping with laundry too.
Once we’re done with dinnertime madness, the girls love a good game of dodge-ball with Daddy. What’s that? Dodge-ball is dangerous? Well, they use a small ball, and it’s kinda like tag, but with a ball. 
Then, it’s time to get ready for bed… I’ll talk about our bedtime routine later this week… but here’s a sneak peak –> that pic in the lower right corner is my little star dancing along with Dancing With the Stars while we wait for her sister to finish getting ready for bed. 
Once the kids are in bed, the hubs & I took to our laptops for a few (ok, so more like an hour) before I watch Parks & Rec again, this time with the hubs… since the hubs fell asleep to it last week. He usually falls asleep as soon as he puts his laptop away and leans back in the recliner. Just how he is. But he can usually make it through Parks & Rec… Ron Swanson reminds us of one of our friends. Just adore that character! 
All for now… I suppose I need to focus on snapping more pictures with the hubs, huh? 
See you tomorrow!
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