Week In My Life: Wednesday

Welcome to another day in the life of the Williams’ family! 
Thanks again to Mel at Adventuroo for hosting such a fun week!
Wednesdays can be a little crazy… and this Wednesday was definitely one of the craziest. 
Sedona had dance class in the morning and since Halloween is on a Wednesday, she won’t have dance class next week. Therefore, the Halloween madness has begun!! 
Sedona has a few costumes from her sister to choose from. For dance class, she chose to be Alice in Wonderland. I love this costume… the length is perfect, but the top is HUGE so I had to tack it a bit and tie it up super tight in order for her to wear it without everyone seeing her nipples. Yes, that’s right, I said nipples. The Alice costume would probably still fit my nearly 8yo Natalie… but the skirt would be SO short. I don’t know what costume-makers are thinking. I’m not a super conservative chic — but I really don’t want my daughters dressing in short skirts before they turn 8! #thereIsaidit
Sedona had a blast at dance class, and since we don’t have a lot of time in between dance class & school, Sedona & I always have a special lunch out together: her choice. She chose Burger King yesterday, mainly because there’s a play-area. Only 10 minutes to play before we had to rush off to school, and getting Sedona to leave anywhere yesterday was a ginormous pain in the ass. 
And no, I refuse to climb into the germy play contraption to get her out, so I’m pretty sure the entire restaurant heard me yelling at her to head to school. Oy. Good times. 
 After dropping Sedona off at school, I came home and thought about raking leaves. It was 75 degrees yesterday, but… as you can see below, even though there are a ton of leaves on the ground, there are also a ton left on the trees. 
I chose to finish up my post for yesterday and read blogs instead. 
Then, before I knew it, I was off to school to pick up the kids. 
I just got a new hair-color last week… and I’m loving how red it looks in the sun. What do you think?
 After school, we headed to our friends’ house for a playdate. Natalie & Connor have been going to school together since they were 4, and Sedona & Molly practically grew up in the hallways waiting to pick up their siblings. Now Sedona & Molly go to preschool together and let’s face it, the girls could be sisters they look so much alike. The Mom & I also get along… there’s really no losers when we have a playdate with this fantastic family. 
Natalie has called Connor her boyfriend in the past, but now, she says they are “just friends”. I’m doing my best not to make a big deal about it. I remember growing up with a mom who made a big deal about everything… I don’t want to be like that. I will say that if Natalie ends up dating Connor some day, I would not complain one bit! But I know there will be lots of boyfriends in Natalie’s future, so let’s not jump the shark on that.
As you can see, the girls had a blast playing with their friends. 
The downside to this play-date? That it had to end. 
Does anyone have any advice on how to make a clean break from a friends’ house without tears? Seriously, both girls were PISSED!! 
I tried to butter them up by deciding to meet the hubs for dinner… 
but I’m not sure if that was the best idea. 
Neither one of the girls were happy for more than a moment or two. And I brought everything possible to make them happy. A bag full of toys for Sedona, a set of markers for Natalie. We even had a popcorn appetizer!! Alas… 2 bummed out girls made for a rough dinner. 
Good thing we had a couple of Arcadia Double IPAs on hand. 
The other bright-side? The girls wanted to ride home with Daddy. Which meant I got to blast some of MY music again. Irony ensued with the first song: Big Exit by PJ Harvey. 
Unfortunately, my “Big Exit” was short-lived, as I couldn’t escape the bedtime routine… 
 The collage is a little out of order, and I almost wish I would’ve captured some of the tears we fought before finally getting both girls to get into the shower. 
Once we got over the worst of that, getting the girls in & out of the shower, it was a typical evening. 
Frightening the cat out of the bed she’s been sleeping in ALL.DAY. 
Snuggles & stories in bed (Natalie wouldn’t allow me to post Daddy reading the book because the photo showed her picking her nose. “DELETE THAT, MOMMA!!” Awesome, yes?)

Then, Sedona jumps off the bed into Daddy’s arms — she tells him to move “backer, backer, backer… ok… and-a-one-and-a-two-and-a-threeeee… JUMP!” and she jumps and somehow lifts her own legs straight to the ceiling before Daddy spins her around while she does her best to keep a straight body. It’s kind of awesome. I wish I took better photos of that. 
Then, the hubs tucks Sedona into bed, and I tuck Natalie into bed. Sometimes Natalie reads — she’s on the 2nd Harry Potter book. But, since tonight went longer than we anticipated due to 2 unhappy, and un-cooperative kids, it was already past 9pm, she just wanted to go to sleep. I understood.
Once the kiddos were in bed… ugh. The hubs & I were wiped! But… he had to work. And I had to veg out. I caught up on New Girl & Modern Family… started to watch Parenthood and passed out around, what I’m guessing was 10p. Woke up at midnight to crawl up to bed, and noticed the hubs was still working. He promised he’d be up in a few.
I crashed, and woke up at 2:30am… the hubs was still working. Oh yeah. Once the hubs finally came up to bed, I had a really hard time getting back to sleep. I generally have a tough time getting to sleep, but when I’m disturbed half way through the night, it’s impossible. Those early years when we had babies waking up every couple hours were REALLY rough, let me tell ya!! 
How was your Wednesday? Crazy as mine? Crazier? Were your kids happy or difficult?

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