What food brings you intense joy to eat?

Today, I’m using the NaBloPoMo prompt to talk about a topic I love almost as much as beer: food!

A few enjoyable foods that pop into my head:
  • Sushi… with so much wasabi your eyes water & brain nearly explodes.
  • Really good pizza with a buttery crust that practically melts in your mouth.
  • A corner piece of cake with one of those frosting roses… yum. 
  • Paper-thin-shaved prosciutto with a ton of sharp &/or blue cheese. 
ZOMG… I’m drooling all over my MacBook here! I haven’t even gotten to my absolute favorite food I wish I could eat daily… but would probably die of mercury poisoning by doing so.
Yes, oysters. I believe raw oysters are something you either love or you hate. And I do understand not everyone enjoying them. However, I do insist that you go with a fellow oyster lover and find a really good place to try oysters if you had a bad first experience, or never tried them at all. The first time I tried oysters, I ate them at a mediocre place and thought… Eh, what’s the big deal? 


I had them at a restaurant where they had a variety to choose from. 
Rule #1 when it comes to oysters? Do not eat oysters from an establishment that doesn’t have any idea where they came from! 

Why? Because the yummiest oysters won’t be found in a $0.50 oyster happy-hour or buffet-situation. 
Most restaurants with an oyster bar will give you a few east coast and a few west coast options.
What’s the difference? East coast (the oysters I prefer) are a bit saltier and larger, whereas west coast oysters tend to be smaller & a little sweeter. Of course, this varies greatly the more oysters you try.
Some of my favorites: 
  • Glidden Point. Big & briny, hailing from Maine. 
  • Pemaquid. Another large oyster from Maine, but with a lighter, fresh flavor.
  • Fanny-bay. When I take a first-time oyster-eater, this is where I recommend they start. 
  • Beausoleil. Another great beginner oyster, because it’s always good. Small, but lots of flavor, from north of PEI in Canada, eh! 
When the hubs & I splurge on oysters, we usually order a dozen. I get so stupidly excited as soon as I see that platter of 12 beauties coming in our direction, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. The hubs & I then devour our selected 6 oysters in minutes, toasting each one as we slide it into our mouths. Joy? Oh, when oysters are really good, the word joy doesn’t do the feelings I experience justice. 
What food brings you intense joy to eat?

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