When Your Kids Only Want ONE Thing for Christmas…

You would think that when your children make a list for Santa, there would be a few attainable gifts on it. My daughter, the very smart 7 year old asked for a Robot Dog, Fairy Wings (that actually make you fly) and Art supplies. When talking to Santa, she only asked for the Robot Dog.

A Robot Dog. An effing ROBOT DOG?!

Initially, this is what she had her eye on  —— >

If you purchase this new, it’s $400.
You read that right. $400!?! 

So yesterday, I bid on a couple of these bad boys on eBay — the only 2 that actually had all the parts… and lost. ARG!!! I couldn’t find a single one under $100 in stock with all of it’s parts. Turns out, that robotic-looking Tekno dog was made in the year 2000 and… well. Yeah. The hubs & looked at different variations of robot dogs… but none of them did anything spectacular. At least this one shown on the right here interacted and moved, etc.  None of the other dogs actually did anything special other than making noise, and maybe moving a little when you pet them, like this “Alive” Husky that I seriously considered:

But the damn dog doesn’t even walk. And I do believe she wanted at least a dog that walked & barked, even though her sister got something like that last year for Christmas.

I started looking at alternative options — maybe Santa’s elves gave up on making robot dogs because they only disappointed kids last year and instead decided to go a different route, in favor of one of her favorite movies: Star Wars.

What kid wouldn’t want an R2D2? (that link will take you to a video, it’s pretty sweet) 

However, those are pretty spendy, like $150 (although I did find a used one for $125 and seriously considered it) but we had already told the girls that Santa would be helping us finish off our debt to Disney World for our trip in March — and big gifts would not be an option this year, because Disney World IS a big gift! R2D2 does actually bring you beer though (after you place it into his claw, he won’t fetch it from the fridge… doh!) let’s be honest here, I really needed a beer after dealing with this ALL day, so I came really close to being irresponsible and getting R2D2.

But I didn’t.

Instead, we cut our losses, and picked up this:

I’m not crazy about it, the damn pooch actually poops — isn’t that kind of the point of getting a robot dog instead of a real dog? Whatever though, this robotic-type-dog actually performed most of the tasks we were looking for: walks, sits, barks, eats, etc — and at $40, it’s in Santa’s budget. She better like it. Dammit.
What about my 3 year old?

Oh yes, she also had a list for Santa and only asked Santa for one thing too — a Barbie car. I knew exactly what one she wanted, because every time the commercial for the Pink Barbie VW came on, she lit up. Now this was a little easier. Although I almost got the convertible (it was WAY cheaper) I didn’t want to risk disappointing her, especially after the robot dog stress. Actually having options was a beautiful thing. $50 for the VW + a Barbie? Sold.

Let’s face it, having girls with short lists for Santa may seem nice at first, but the pressure you feel to fulfill these wishes aren’t always as easy as you may think, especially when you know the whole “Santa thing” has an expiration date, and this could be the last year my oldest actually believes (she is questioning Santa being “real” daily).

I didn’t always get what I wanted for Christmas. See that Barbie car? I *always* wanted a Barbie car!!! I think I asked for one every single year! Maybe my parents stressed over that? Maybe not. Back then, if they didn’t have it in stock at Toys R Us, you didn’t get it. Cut to me being disappointed in finding an ugly homemade Care Bear & Cabbage Patch Kid under the tree. And my mother ripping me a new one for being clearly disappointed & ungrateful. Seemed to happen every Christmas. It’s still tough for me to react when I open any gift because of that fear of expressing disappointment. Well, it may have taken me 25 years, but I think I finally understand my mother’s frustration.

Wait, did I just say that out-loud? I obviously need a beer.

What’s on your children’s wish list(s) this year?

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